Philippine Long Tailed Macaque

Macaca fascicularis ssp. philippensis

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    Conservation Status: Near Threatened

    Geographic Range: Distribution data not mapped per IUCN

    Our three Macaques were surrendered to us as pets. Most of these animals have sad stories to tell. Mothers with infants are shot for the pet trade, where their babies are sold. However, they all suffer the same fate, as they grow older, they become aggressive, and owners usually do not know what to do with them. Macaques raised as pets cannot be returned to the wild, and they are usually euthanized, or suffer a sad fate being neglected, or kept in extremely small cages, unable to move. Our three are one of the lucky ones. They serve as an example on why wild animals should not be kept as pets. It is illegal, it is cruel, and it carries a sad story.