The last remaining lowland dipterocarp forest in Negros Occidental. Damutan Valley is approximately 300 hectares of forest patches bordered by Hinobaan, Basay, and Bayawan City. What was once thick, inaccessible forest, has now been denuded to mere patches.

A team led by Davoy Castor, and Justine Magbanua, made their way to the valley for a Rapid Site Assessment after hearing rumors of Visayan Spotted Deer, Rusa alfredi, living amongst the locals. Another scope of their visit was to assess the rate of deforestation, as well as the presence of Negros wildlife occurring in the area.

Their findings showed clear signs of Visayan Warty Pig, Sus cebifrons, Tarictic Hornbills, Penelopides panini, several large Pigeon species, as well as a sighting of Blue-Naped Parrot,

Tanygnathus lucionensis, flying out of a nesting hole. Based on their interviews with the local community, there are confirmed recorded sightings of the Visayan Spotted Deer.

Damutan Valley is extremely inaccessible, as is composed mostly of Indigenous People (IP) Communities. Because of its inaccessibility, poachers and illegal loggers have taken advantage of the absence of government authorities and Bantay Bukid members. 

We are hoping to raise awareness about Damutan Valley, and help the IP Community protect what’s left of their heritage.