Fourteen years ago, the Province of Negros Occidental declared November as Wildlife Month. This year’s theme was “Sea In Your Heart – protect, conserve, and do your part!” highlighting the Irrawaddy Doplohin, Orcaella brevirostris, as the flagship species, and the coastal and marine wetlands as the flagship ecosystem.

TFI joined in this celebration of wildlife for the foot parade, which was held last November 16, 2018. Different schools, organizations, and government offices, marched from the Provincial Capitol Lagoon, all the way to West Negros University Gym, to express their love for our wildlife.

Led by TFI’s president, Dino Gutierrez, the team donned masks depicting our Big Five. The papier maché masks were designed and created by local Negrense artists.

It’s a great way to celebrate wildlife, though we still believe that EVERYDAY SHOULD BE WILDLIFE DAY!